Out of Body, Oneness, and One in Today's World

World Markets, Competing Forces, Goodness, Bad, Evil

This is a first newsletter update. Website

From 2019 to July 2020, I was active in posting videos weekly on out of body experiences. What I noticed is that people respond to things when they are messaged directly, but other than that they tended to avoid posting. For this reason in July I decided focus less on providing new information.

Why post advanced videos when people question the basics? That is the reason most of the videos have been taken off YouTube. The basic videos 1-20 are important for the beginner. I’ll post more beginner info if the inspiration arises. I’m considering posting advanced info on a patreon channel. I’m also considering transcribing the last 80 advanced videos into a third book.

Respond to this newsletter if you want to hear more about certain things. For now:

  • Carlos Castaneda wrote about out of body experiences in times of war.

  • Dr Charlie Ward is a good source of current information on markets today and the forces at war.

  • Rudlof Steiner was a prolific writer on out of body experiences. Many of his writings are for free online.

  • Gregory Mannarino has excellent finance information.

** Paul